Is a blood pressure of 96/64 healthy?!

Question: i am a 17 year old male weighing 127 at 5'8

Answers: i am a 17 year old male weighing 127 at 5'8

Regarding your height and weight your BMI shows you are of a normal weight for your height, don't try to gain or lose based on anyone saying you need more or less weight. Your BMI is 19.3 which is great.

Regarding your BP, the blood pressure in teens is often lower than the adult population for many reasons. This is probably your normal and as a single measurement is not unhealthy unless you have symptoms of hypotension, such as dizziness when moving or standing or a bounding rapid pulse.

that means you are fat and should be arrested


Yes. You don't want to be over 110/70 (it used to be 120/80 but they changed the guidelines)

Yes. It is fine.

Everyone is different. Your blood pressure is fine. You could use a little more weight though.

It is a little low but that is okay if this is the way you have always been, it is better to be a little bit low than a little bit high. If this represents a significant drop from your normal baseline, or if it makes you feel lightheaded then I might be concerned. Otheriwise don't worry about it.

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