How do people usually break their backs and injure nerves?!

Question: How do people usually break their backs and injure nerves!?
Are you likely to break your back and injure nerves from being pushed forward on a rowing machine in the gym!? I was on a rowing machine and strapped my feet in!. When I was either leaning or reaching forward in a lame attempt to grab the handlebar that had been left up, a big guy rowing on my left without warning gave me a sudden push forward on the middle of my back and I felt about two crackles to the posterior left of my lower back in the hip line area, but no pain at the time!. Could that have been hip malalignment or --!? Thank you!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

It was probably an escape of gas from your vertebra, this often happens if someone puts a little extra strain on you back (chiropractors do this)!.
If you have any pain, consult your Doctor, and also complain to the gym management, as the push was an assault that you did not request!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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