How do i lose weight fast but not too fast and get a flat/toned stomach at the s!

Question: How do i lose weight fast but not too fast and get a flat/toned stomach at the same time!?
Hi, i'm 15 years old and am 5ft 6inch and weigh about 10 stone, i want to lose 1 stone and above, and get a flat/toned stomach at the same time!. Please can u help me, i would like any tips, advise, exercises, diets ect and things you have done which worked and were really effective, and maybe like how much weight i could lose doing percific things and how many weeks it would take me to get a flat stomach!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

A combination of a reduced calorie diet and regular vigorous exercise!. There are no tricks and quick fixes where weight loss is concerned; it's a simple input and output balance!.!.!.if you consume more calories in a day that your body burns up, you will gain weight!. Weight loss isn't just something you do once or twice a year, it's a life time of maintenance, so healthy eating, and regular exercise!. If your trying to lose weight then reduce your calorie intake and exercise vigorously, daily!. Try Pilate's with the cardio board, swimming and running!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

So good question!.!.!.!.

if you want read something about diet & loose weight
i just come accross this blog which may help you:-
i hope this free site below to help your problem and answer your question!.


Losing weight to get a six pack is tough and takes the right knowledge!. Her eis a great site that I found and used that was very effective for me and will no doubt be for you!.!.!.


Good Luck!


Dr!. Swift at http://www!.killweight!.info REALLY helped me a lot through this!. He has a free guide there!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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