So Tired After Bodily Function...!?!

Question: So Tired After Bodily Function!.!.!.!!?
I did colonic every 48 hours for years, so actually going to the bathroom naturally is new to me!. A couple months i've been doing it!. I eat very healthy, high fiber, exercise daily!. I drink a lot of water!. i eat bran in the morning so I can go, and it's working!. I take ducosate as a softener so I have almost no straining!. My problem is just that afterwards, not right after but within twenty minutes to a half hour, I feel really exhausted and drained!.

Is this just because I don't have colonic muscle tone!? I find protein and yogurt helps a little, but I just have to wait it out!. I get really exhausted!. Will it get better with time!?

Thanks for any help!Www@Answer-Health@Com

Yes, this will get better with time as your body re-learns to eliminate naturally!. Do not strain, whatever you do, or you will cause hemorrhoids!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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