Please..someone give me an ideal indian diet plan..?!

Question: Please!.!.someone give me an ideal indian diet plan!.!.!?
hi!.!.all !.!.this is a house wife & mom of a 3 year old!. want to lose my post pregnancy weight!.!. please, help me Www@Answer-Health@Com

Cardio exercises, trademill, yoga, crunches, brisk walking & diet has helped me!. You could eat iron & protein rich breakfast in the morning like cornflakes & milk or oatmeal & milk!. Avoid fat : no dry fruits, potatoes, fried foods, reduce oil intake, rice!. If you do want to eat rice do not steam cook it in a cooker rather cook it in boiling water with salt & drain the water when the rice is cooked!. Drink a glass of warm water before eating if you feel like eating at odd hours!. One glass of lemon juice daily & lots of water!. Best of all give your darling 3 year old all the freedom he or she wants to roam about you will automatically lose weight running after the toddler!. Become a horsie for him & give him a ride on your back!. Sit on a chair, let him stand on your feet & raise your feet above the ground!. Please don't overdo exercises if you are tired & eat properly!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

Not sure if I have a indian only diet plan in my arsenal, but the basics of eating still apply of to any type of culture or nationality when it comes to losing weight!.

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