Has anyone here ever undergone Juice Fasting?!

Question: Has anyone here ever undergone Juice Fasting!?
Juice fasting, no eating of anything for 2 days and drinking nothing but Fresh fruit and Veggie juice and water of course!. I am going to start mine tomorrow, but i want some questions answered:

(1) did u need to do anything prior to the juice fast!?
(2) during the fast, what did u do to deal with hunger pains, if any!?
(3) During the fast what problems arose!?
(4) After the fast, when did u start to eat regular food again
(5) After the fast, was it worth it!? Did u feel any difference!?

Please answer! Thanks!Www@Answer-Health@Com

Ok, I have never done this before - but I was living with a guy who did it for about a week!.

He didn't do anything to prepare for it, just had his last meal at dinner and the next morning started with the juice!. He did buy a specific type of juice from the health food store but I don't know what kind!.!.!. all I know is it was the same juice, in the same amount, every day!.

He didn't do anything with hunger pains!. He said that for the first couple of days he started to miss food, and it was weird not eating anything, but he got used to it!.

He didn't seem like he had a dramatic loss in energy, or got sick or anything during the fast!. One time he ran out of juice and went to the store to pick some up, and he nearly collapsed just before he drank some!. Seriously just checked out and had to sit down in the store and drink the juice before he went home!. That was the only problem!.!.!. so make sure you have plenty stocked up!.

He ate the day after his last day!. Woke up, ate a small breakfast, small lunch, and then a fairly large dinner!.

He said he felt immensely better, but to my knowledge has not done it again!.

Now he did this for a week and was fine, you are only doing it for 2 days and I couldn't tell you if you will feel the same effects!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

It is a possibility to lose weight rapidly but you should be realistic and take on board that if you lose weight fast then you will almost certainly put it all back on again just as fast!. I lost 8 pounds during the last couple of weeks when I had a special celebration to attend, and I did it by following the tips and tricks presented on the site in the box below!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I've never done it but it sounds utterly crazy!!! No offenseWww@Answer-Health@Com

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