Hey !! i wana get more slimer as soon as possible wat to do ?any diet tips or an!

Question: Hey !! i wana get more slimer as soon as possible wat to do !?any diet tips or anything else!?
Drink two tumblers of water on rising from the bed, and in a day drink at least three litres of it!.

One third of your food should be salad!. It fills the stomach and gives less calories of energy!.

Avoid cream, ghee, sweets, fried food, and dairy products!.

Take regular exercise sufficiently, so as to burn more calories of energy, than its intake!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

There is a traditional sentencec which it says "Ask who had the medicine and tried it but don't ask who gave the medicine and had not tried it

create a timetable for your exercises day so you can track what have you done during your exercises time!. ask who had the experiences of how to manage their days and kept their potential active!. Also seek for nearest health center and ask them what to eat and what to not eat for your health aspects!.

Good Luck Www@Answer-Health@Com

Hmmm, how soon is your soon!?!

I ate less carbo!.
Ran at least 2 times a week for more than 30 min!.
Fats only start to burn after 20 min for running!.
First 20 min is just burning the sugar!.
Do crunches every other day, 20 times, 3 sets!.
I lost about 8 kg in 5-6 months!.
Of course, sometimes you must punctuate your activities with a change such as switching to swimming or go kayaking for a day if you know how!.

Don't totally go on no food diet!. You absorb fats even more than usual!.

Hope that helps!.

you don't need to starve yourself to lose wieght!. infact sometimes, you need to eat more protein, to burn the fat!
for a workable diet -
here is what my dietician suggests - follow a practical diet!. start your meal with a soup or a huge salad!. this fills u up!. Make sure your plate has this ratio - 50 per cent veg, 25 per cent carb!. potatoes, corn and peas come in carbs category!. 25 per cent protein!.this will prevent cravings too!.an occassional treat is OK!. have a snack every three hours!. fruit ,ideally berries, or soy nuts!. just 2 tbsp of soya subsides hunger pangs!. have a protein shake too, if you want!. it will fight the fat and give you extra energy to exercise!. switch from white rice and bread to brown!. eat 900gms of veggies a day!.Needless to say, NO soda, chips, cookies! Lose a kilo a week!. that is permanent loss!. pick an exercise regime you like!.
get a pedometer and try to take 10,000 steps everyday!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

thing behind skipping your meals is that You might think doing that is helping you cut down your calories, but it

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