How do I get my boyfriend to loose weight?!

Question: How do I get my boyfriend to loose weight!?
He is nearing two hundred pounds overweight!. He eats junk food all day long and never exersises!. I love him for who he is and don't want him to loose weight to look better, but because I'm very concerned about his health!. How do I get him to loose weight without offending him for being so big!? Please help!Www@Answer-Health@Com

Instead of just asking him to go on a diet or start exersising more, try to turn into a fun project the two of you can do together to bond closer!. Let him know that you love him for who he is, but that you are worried about his health and would like him to become healthier!. Promise him you'll make it fun, worth his while and will be there for him!. If you are there making it fun the whole way, then he'll want to do it!

Start off slowly!. Do something fun like taking a long walk on the beach, a hike or just walking downtown to the store!. Walking counts as exersise and once he gets use to it, he'll warm up! Help him eat healther foods like buying health-foods from groceries stores and avoiding eating out!. Try to eat healthy along with him, which will make it easier on him!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

If I was in your place, I would have him come do stuff with me!. Like maybe not really say lets go exercise, but say you wanna go for a hike or something!. Then you can have a long chat about any random thing and you can take pictures of the view, each other, nature things, or random people, I dunno!. (pluses of that are the exercise, talking about things, releave stress, practice your picture taking skills, you might get a lot of really good ones of lots of different things, and you can have somthing to post on your blog or facebook, or w/e)

Another thing you might try is just taking a walk around the block with him, chance to talk about more thing, maybe you'll meet other people out walking or find out something new about the neighbors!.

If you go grocery shopping or to a movie or something, just park at the far end of the parking lot!. Thats something everyone gets told, but yeah, its not that bad, just do it!.

Maybe you could be driving and shut the car off and be like: oh no the car broke, will you get out and puch it a bit to see if it will get the starter thing going!? Ha ha, that might work!. My dads work truck is having troubles starting, so he makes me push it a bit to get the started in the mood for starting!.

If he comes over ask him to check the mail or porch like every 15 minutes or so!. Say youre expecting a letter/package or something!. That'll get him moving just around the house, not much, just its movng!.

Okay, so I gues maybe its not a good idea to lie, but its not too bad!. But yeah, sorry if some of those are dinky!. Maybe if you have a spare room or a junk room or a shed, whatever!. You could ask himto help you paint it!. Since the room wont matter, then why not paint it, maybe you could change it into a fun room or soemthing!. Maybe painting a fence would be cool!.

Do some service for someone, thats usually work thats good!. Like paint their fence, cut down a tree, chop firewood, dig a hole, set up the swing set, build something, etc!. You could pick up garbage on the side of the road!. I dunno!. thats all kinda dinky!.

I would just find a bunch of little things that we could do together that doesnt include watching the tv, unless its a learn how to dance thing!. Just sit down and do a craft even, keep his hands busy, so he cant grab some cheetoes every 2 minutes!.

I hope you get what I mean, and I hope this helps!. Thats so amazing youre worried about him and want to see him get healthy!! Good luck!!! Www@Answer-Health@Com

Be upfront with him but don't be mean!. Whatever you want him to do, you should also be doing with him!. If you want him to go to the gym, you should also be working out!. Be sensitive to the issue, think of how you would want him to approach YOU if you where the one overweight!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

have you tried just talking to him about it!? sometimes there are occasions which you cant help but offend someone and he probably needs just to be told straight, and id say he needs to take action soon because there are a lot of issues that can arise from that level of obesity which can severely decrease a persons quality of life!.

Good luckWww@Answer-Health@Com

Do things together and not necessarily with friends!. When with friends there is a tendency to eat and drink!. Go walking at different places or anything to get out of the house and away from food!. Pack cold water to drink when you are gone!. Keep it simple!. Keep it just you too unless you have friends that are in the same situation!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

Tell him just like that!.
Explain that he can get diabetes, heart disease, etc even if he is young?
Dont say I want you to lose weight, instead tell him that you want him to become healthier and you will be there with him the whole way?Www@Answer-Health@Com

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Good luck to youWww@Answer-Health@Com

Starve him!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

ask him to come and exercise with youWww@Answer-Health@Com

as for HOW TO TELL HIM, I would suggest that being brutally honest- while sounding caring and concerned- would be the best way to go!. tell him straight up, "look you're really fat you need to lose weight!. guys are supposed to play sports and exercise, thats what they do!. you not doing it is a disgrace to the man race!. so come work out with me!."

honestly, say something like that!. and then when he denies it, dont be so nice!. be like "um YEAH YOU ARE! whens the last time u looked at a scale!? oh yeah- never! its not healthy, u can eventually die from this!. plus being unhealthy and fat makes you look bad, and ur joints get hurt, and ur slow, and everything takes longer and is less fun when youre fat!."

then tell him he should go work out with you!.


the answer to him losing weight is 2 parts- the most important is of course, exercise!. eating is almost as important, but its just a tool to help him lose weight!. it wont do it for him!. starving is NEVER a successful option!.

so do this:

NOT dieting or diet pills- pills or dieting don't keep the weight off, make you weak, depressed, and sometimes fatter, and can harm you with internal organ damage or other side effects!.

The answer is good old-fashioned work, with very healthy eating, and new natural ways to lose weight (like eating hot peppers to speed metabolism, getting a colonic, etc!.) READ ON!.

cut about 200 calories from what he's eating, no more than that!. The KEY to losing weight isn't cutting "calories"!. The KEY is to EAT HEALTHIER FOOD, eat hot peppers to speed up metabolism, and to exercise-

(run to lose weight and burn fat and speed up metabolism, play sports- WITHOUT SPORTS UR BODY DOESN'T FEEL A COMPETITION, SO IT WON'T POOP OUT UNNECESSARY CALORIES, WHICH IS WHAT A COMPETITIVE PERSON'S BODY DOES!, and lift weights a couple times a week, so you shape your body as well!.)

Do all of this, and I GUARANTEE you will lose the weight, and if you keep doing this, you will NOT get sick, like if you were "dieting"- you will get SEXIER, FITTER, SLIMMER, STRONGER, BETTER LOOKING, AND HEALTHIER EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE!

These options REALLY work tho- the NORMAL, NATURAL ways that you're supposed to lose weight!. These are:

1) exercise! That little word fat people hate!. Sorry girl, but you should run 2 miles around the track 3 times a week, run 5 400m sprints twice a week, and do a sport like swimming or basketball!. also, lift some weights, reps of 20, at the gym!.

2) eat healthy! this includes!.!.!.

3) eat 5 small portioned, really nutrition-packed meals a day!.

4) eat a BIG breakfast! eat 2 eggs and cereal with whole milk!. anything you eat for breakfast will NOT be stored to fat if you exercise- it takes only 8 hours to digest and crap food, and much longer for a day to go by!.

5) eat the 5 food groups- veggies and fruits are most important for girls, as they dont workout as hard as guys on average!. then after that, dairy, meat, and bread food groups are all equally important!.

6) never eat any fast food, junk food, fried food, microwaved food, candy, chips, etc!.

7) EAT 2 HOT PEPPERS W/ DINNER 3 TIMES A WEEK! these speed up metabolism, enabling you to burn more fat and calories!.

8) get 9 hours of sleep a night- this will help healthy weight loss and promote stronger muscles and bones, make u more awake, and basically help u in EVERY ASPECT OF UR LIFE- yes, including weight loss as well!.

9) NEVER drink sodas, or have caffeine from anything, or ever take ANY artificial sweeteners! They are DEADLY CHEMICALS! you know sucralose (splenda)!? it has 3 chlorine atoms (out of 4 total atoms!) it is TOXIC! it makes you GAIN weight, and kills your internal organs, makes you lazy, and addicted to it!

10) eat NATURAL food- from wholefoods! today's foods have so many artificial chemicals, additivies, etc!. that they are literally toxic- yes, I'm using that word again, cuz it so accurately describes the food!. Go to wholefoods- or at LEAST get the healthiest, NATURALEST stuff you can from places like giant or safeway!.

11) Get a colonic- this will clean out yo butt! literally! lol it sounds awkward, but its natural!.

12) the healthiest meats are tuna, fish, eggs, steak, turkey, and chicken!. (MAINLY THE 1ST 3)


as for the athletic part, have him on a daily basis:

1) stretch

2) run (run a mile odd days, and run three 400's and six 100's even days)

3) lift weights (lift upper body one day, lower body the next!. alternate!.)

4) work abs EVERY DAY EXCEPT SUNDAY! do ab work for 10-20 minutes, virtually nonstop, doing about 5 different exercises in a circuit each time!. vary it up from day to day!.

5) rest sunday, for everything!. dont do anything on sunday except eat healthy!.

6) play a sport most days!. the healthiest, funnest, most competitive Www@Answer-Health@Com

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