Im just curious, please answer?!

Question: Im just curious, please answer!?
whats everyones stats!?
like height, weight, bmi, age, sex,
and anything else you want to say!.

are you happy with your body!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

ok, unusuall request, but im sure you have your reasons!.
i am somewhere around 5-6 feet, i am 125 pounds, im 14 and a female!.
i look in the mirror and think, wow look at those pimples, those glasses, that hair, those theighs, but then i think, hey!. why am i doing this!? whats the point in feeling sorry for myself!? if i don't love me, nobody else can!. if i say i look hot, man, then i do!. i focus on the good stuff!. my eyes, my smile, my hands, and all that stuff!. i mean, it's okay to look at yourself bad once and a while, it keeps you from being an arrogant *****!. but all the time is just depressing!.
be happy your you, because no one else is!. good luck!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

ah listen!.!.!.just put dis body thing behind u ! just be happy with wat u r!.!.!.!.u r unique in ur own very way n trust me!.!.!.!.dere r PLENTY of guys/gals out dere who r into u !!Www@Answer-Health@Com

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