I'm looking for a healthy low calorie breakfast?!

Question: I'm looking for a healthy low calorie breakfast!?
I'm looking for any simple healthy ideas for breakfast that are easy to make & low in calories/carbs!. The problem is I'm not a breakfast person, I really dislike oatmeal, cereal & things like fruit or yogurt for breakfast!. When the morning comes I like something with a saltier taste like a bagel or an english muffin but I am trying to cut my carbs down to a minimum!. I have egg whites alot or whole wheat toast but I can't have that every day!. Any ideas!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

turkey bacon - low in calories, low carb, high protein, already fully cooked, heat and eat Www@Answer-Health@Com


Try omlettes, low carb cereals, yoghurts and fruit - (melons and cranberries are low carb)


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