Sugar cravings after supper?!

Question: Sugar cravings after supper!?
I always eat heathy throughout the day but it's these sugar cravings after supper that make my eating habits unhealthy!. When that happens i usually give in and eat frozen yogurt which i only have 90cal worth but i feel so guilty after because im never even hungry when i eat the yogurt!. are there any good tricks to keep your mind off of the sugar cravings or at least any way i can fix this because i dont want to continuously have dessert every night :(:(Www@Answer-Health@Com

Start brushing your teeth as soon as you've finished eating!. It will clease the palet (your taste buds) and make you less likely to want sugar!.
If you must, get a low fat, low cal chocolate covered mint candy!. I used to eat the 'YORK' mints!. You can get them in mini bites, they come in a bag or you can get the patties which look like extra large quarters in tinfoil!. You can get them at walmart for sure!.
The good thing about the York candies, was that it had just enough chocolate to make you feel like you were being bad, but enough to make you happy without the guilt!. Plus the mint taste actually helped to stop any more sugar cravings

Dont forget, that if you deprive yourself of something you want, your only going to eat it later and not know when to stop!. Self control while keeping healthy eating habits is probably equivilant to a drug addict going through withdrawl!.

Allow yourself the sugar you need!. The healthiest way would be to grab a piece of fruit and soak up the vits and minerals along with the sugar rushWww@Answer-Health@Com

I make "sugar" treats for my kids and they LOVE it!. I take pears, apples, etc!.!.!.I peel, core, and slice them!. Then I make a mixture of honey and lemon juice (honey for the "sweet treat taste" and lemon juice to keep them from turning brown!.) I dehydrate them using a home dehydrator anyone can purchase at Wal mart!. I store them in baggies on the counter, in the car, in my locker at work, etc!.!.!.and they are a perfect sugar craving, satisfying and they are yummy and good for you too!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Whats wrong with dessert!? You eat healthy the rest of the day, and frozen yougurt isn't that bad for you!.

I believe that life is too short not to enjoy what you eat, just eat in moderation!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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