Would my weight be affected if I just ate one Oh Henry! chocolate bar a day?!

Question: Would my weight be affected if I just ate one Oh Henry! chocolate bar a day!?
not so bad!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

One every once in a while I think is fine, but eating one every day may cause you to gain weight over time!.
Think about it this way: It's what around 250 calories!? in a week that's 1750 extra calories and about every two weeks you would gain a pound with all those extra calories!.

How about buying a bag of mini Oh Henry's and giving it to someone you trust, who can hide them for you and when you really want one they can limit to how many you eat!.

No because it is the total amount of calories you take in for your body!. If your body needs 1400 calories a day and you take in 1500 a day you will gain weight!. If you eat 1400 calories a day you will maintain your weight!. If you eat below 1400 calories a day you will lose!. And also metabolism plays an important part as well!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

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