I'm doing 160 push ups and squats a day, am i pushing myself to much ?!

Question: I'm doing 160 push ups and squats a day, am i pushing myself to much !?
hey, i do 160 push ups and squats per day 80 in the morning and 80 in the night sets of 30, 30 then 20, 30 push ups then 30 squats etc !.!.!. i was just wondering though am i pushing myself to much and what will i gain from this i!.e size, strength etc !.!.!.


You are not going to gain size cuz that is way to many reps and you give yourself no rest for muscle growth!. Also you won't gain strength cuz this is over training your muscles!. Squatting should be done once a week and 3-6 sets of 3-12!. What you will achieve and the on;ly thing you will achieve is muscle endurance and tone!. If ur going for mass or strength I suggest not to do this!. But if ur going for weight lose endurance or tone then it will work!. Squats are amazing for your legs!. Make u faster, stronger, and able to jump higher!. One of my favorite exercises!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Well you will obviously gain strength and you mental state will be much better!. You should always remember to breath, not push yourself to the point of pain and to eat and drink properly!. Thats about it!. That is great your doing that!. Your body will love you and stay heathy if you work out regularly!Www@Answer-Health@Com

Well you should stop at the amount when you start feeling pain in a certain spot!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

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