What does the 1 rep max achieve when doing bench press?!

Question: What does the 1 rep max achieve when doing bench press!?
Does it help with getting huge or just muscle building or toning!?!? what does it do!?

I been doing 4 sets of 12-15 reps benching 4 tha past year, in conjunction with chest flyes!. Will I get better results for 'tone' and resistance/endurance from doing the 1 rep max!?!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

id go with 8-12 reps mate!.!. and u need to change up your routine often!.!. just a tip on the side!.!. as for one rep max!.!. basically only used for 2 things, one is to test maximum strength for comparison (only reli used by high level athletes) you do your 1 rep max and compare it to other results and if necessary strengthen that so you can life more and are stronger!.

the only other things its used for is whats called a rest pause set!. wat you do is your normal 3 or 4 sets of 8-12 reps, and then you do a 1 rep max, wait for 15 seconds and do another one!. and so on for 3 or more times!.!.!.!. its not always specified to do 1 rep, sometimes ppl do 3 or 4!.!. but as a p!.t thats how i do this techniqueWww@Answer-Health@Com

Your set and rep range is a bit out of whack!.

For chest exercises 3 sets of 5-7 is best!. This gives you a good strength workout while getting some good hypertrophy going!. Cutting doesn't come from doing high reps!. It comes from diet and cardio!.

When you train calves, traps and forearms then you can use a 10-12 rep range!.

Now onto the 1 rep max!.
There are only really 3 reasons to use a 1 rep max!.

1) If you want to find out your absolute max lift then you use this!. From there you can calculate your lift at various reps using percentages!.
To see a good calculator for this go to www!.bodybuilding!.com/fun/1rm!.htm
For most people it's enough to just put in what you lift on the reps you do now and estimate 1 rep max!.
Using your 1 rep max to work out your poundage's is very technical and is a waste of time for most people!.

2) If you're an olympic lifter or a power lifter then you'd use you 1 RM all the time!.
We use it for the same reasons anyone else would but it's more important!.
Competitive lifts are 1 rep max!.

3) To have a number to brag about!.
Many guys will walk around bragging about their 1 RM!. Half the time it's totally made up or they just guessed it!.

As for you and most other guys the 1 rep max is pretty useless!.

A word of warning!.
If you do decide to do 1 rep max training then make sure you have a spotter and that you are very well warmed up!.
Also don't be too brave on your lifts!.
I've seen some horrible injuries on novice lifters!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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