Is it normal after going six hours without eating to start shaking? ?!

Question: Is it normal after going six hours without eating to start shaking!? !?
I was on a caffine kick--two cigs for breafast than a large cup of Joe!.!.!.nt joe the plumber(ha/ha), so I did not become hungry until 1 or 2pm-had been up since 6am---also had went on a field trip where there was a lot of walking involved, had breafast around 7am-lunch was served at 1pm!.!.!.had the same problemWww@Answer-Health@Com

sounds like your blood sugar levels are low!.

the key to losing fat is not starving yourself!. you are doing urself a disservice applying that method!. if you don't eat, you slow your metabolism down!. also, your body will burn your muscle and your fat!. so in the end, your body will lose its shape!.

when you eat smaller meals, you rev up your metabolism, maintain ur muscle and burn fat!.

when i cut fat, i'm always full!. never hungry!.

good luck!


your body is hitting starvation mode, and trying to digest itself!.

the cigarettes might have sped up your metabolism! =PWww@Answer-Health@Com

yes its normal but you should eat at least a pack of nabs or chips or even better some fruit mid mornin!. Its not healthy to go that long with out eatingWww@Answer-Health@Com

YEAH ITS normal but i think you should eat healthier tommarow and get some rest tonightWww@Answer-Health@Com

you're a little weakling!.!.i can go a whole day without feeling any effectsWww@Answer-Health@Com

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