P90X or CrossFit which do you prefer to use?!

Question: P90X or CrossFit which do you prefer to use!?
Which do you prefer and why!? Which one is more likely to injure you if not done correctly!?

Me personally, I am a P90X graduate 2x over!Www@Answer-Health@Com

Hello Brother!. I thank the Grand Supreme Architect that I still have a pretty high metabolism, because I don't workout!. I do eat very well which plays a great role in keeping lean, but if I had to go on a workout program it would be cross fit at this present time!. It's less excruciating, but once I got my body trained again, I would go all out with P90X!. If a person has never worked out, P90X I feel would be to much to handle, because I think that's a nonstop 3 month workout plan !?Www@Answer-Health@Com

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