What are good exercises to get toned arms? No flab.?!

Question: What are good exercises to get toned arms!? No flab!.!?
Here is a great routine!.
1!. fast fist!.( extend fingers and tighten hands into fist
10 quickly 10 slow and controlled!.5 of each for 100 total reps
Extend arms in front of you palms neutral position- palms facing each * shoulders down chest lifted, abs in keeps sides of body long
!.(keep this posture)

2!.Extend arms out to the side palms up facing the sky
repeat fast fist

3!. Extend arms out to the side palms facing the floor!.
repeat fast fist

4!.Now same three arm positions with hand positions and make 25 circles pretend like you have a marker on tips of fingers extended!.

5!.shadow speed bag 1 minute rest 1 minute repeat 3 x

biceps curls/triceps extensions
no weights, or dumbbells, bands etc
3 sets 15-25 reps

i take it you are talking about the backs of your arms!? (the triceps) the best way to 'tone' them is to do tricep dips or tricep pull downs get a pt to make sure you do them correctly without hurting yourselfWww@Answer-Health@Com

Any that strengthen your core and require allot of reps!. Typically I like the "nose breakers" and simple Bicep curls with allot of reps!.

Don't forget the good high protein diet!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

lifting weightWww@Answer-Health@Com

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