Have i eaten too much, too little or just right?!

Question: Have i eaten too much, too little or just right!?
I havnt been able to get to a gym or excersice because i hurt my ankle and it hurts to even walk!. Im usually pretty active i walk everywere and got to the gym!.

Breakfast : 2 whole wheat toast
Snack: Apple
Lunch: a meduim ball of boiled shrimps
Snack: Apple and 2 Whole wheat ritz
Dinner: a small ball of special k cereal!.

Is that alot!? and about how many calories in total!?
Thank you!.


A slice of whole wheat bread is approximately 100 calories a slice!.
An apple is 80 calories, depending on the size and the type!.
Shrimp is about 90 calories for 4 ounces!.
Ritz crackers are 90 calories for 10 crackers!.
One cup of Special K cereal is 120 calories!.

You did not have enough to eat today at all!.
You had approximately 610 calories!. That would not even be enough calories to get you through a coma!.
I do not know if you are male of female or you age, height and weight, so I can not give you recommendations on how much you should be eating!.

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