What's a good way to get in shape and exercise without..?!

Question: What's a good way to get in shape and exercise without!.!.!?
What's a good way to get in shape and exercise without having to leave your property!?!?

I'm 5'9 and about 165lbs!.
But I lack much strength and just want to change it around!.

I don't really want to go running around the neighborhood because it's pretty damn ghetto around here and people drive like idiots!.

So is there any good exercises that I could do around the house or backyard!?!?

I'm already doing boxing and basic cardio!.
But what would be a good alternative to running/ jogging!?!?

Is jump roping pretty effective!?!?

Any other recommendations/ suggestions!?!?

No immature high school kid answers please!.

Jumping rope is great cardio!. For improving your strength, try these: push-ups and handstand push-ups for chest and shoulders
chin-ups, inverted rows or bent over rows for your back
step-ups and lunge squats/walk for your legs
reverse crunches and leg raises for the abs

Two to three sets of each exercise a couple of times a week should be enough!. You can use any type of heavy object that is available to you for some exercises as long as you can use it safely!. A heavy back pack can be useful for exercises like push-ups, inverted rows, step-ups and lunge squats!.
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start doing push up do 10 times at first,when u can do 10 push up easily do 20,slowly build up the times u can do push up!.
u need to understand exercise correctly will then give u the result u want!.!.make sure u do the push up in the correct form!.suck in your stomach when u do push up as well as when jumping ropes
tighten your stomach when u exercise!.!.start slowly and steadily build up the numbers of times u can do!.!.when u do crunches u also need to tighten your stomach too!. breath in and breath out when u raise up,while the stomach remains tighten!.!. hope this is of help to uWww@Answer-Health@Com

You could always invest in a tred mill or a weight set if you don't already have one

Jump roping is very affective and great for your heart too

there's always dancing!

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hi this website is for YOU!
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buy a speed ladder and a set of medicine balls!. There are great workouts on youtube and all over the internetWww@Answer-Health@Com

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dont loose more than 15 lbs!. dont worry about running you can go running, just run out of the way if someone comes near you!. try to stay on the side walks if there is any around you!. you can stay on the grass if there is any around you also!. breakdance ! breakdance and doing flips is wonderful ! yes jump rope, jumping rope is great ! breakdance / flips and stuff like this, is the best exesrize!. work on breakdancing, and since you'll need some strength to do some moves, you can dance the bottom part of you while the top part gets stronger!. Break dance!. eat at least 2500 cals a day!. Muscle weighs more than fat, don

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