How to get motivated to loose weight?!

Question: How to get motivated to loose weight!?
I am 15 yrs old and i want to loose about 10kg!. I am constantly bullied at school about my weight and now have become depressed!. I try to go on diets but after going to school i come straight home to my comfort foods, and my brother doesn't make it any easier for me either!. Please i really need your help! Www@Answer-Health@Com

I used to suffer from obesity too !.!.

I know its lame when ppl look at u that way of " omg !.!.etc "

U know , i just took the decision at then , that i want them all to admit that am cute from inside and outside !.!.

I started to like some one , even for a certain period , to be the motivation for me !.!.

Like try to think about it , when gurls say to u : u have lost weight , congratulations , why don;t u hang out wz us !.!.!. and stuff like that !.!.

Just take this long term decision , its kinda hard at the first place , but when u;ll get used to it, the results are AMAZING !.!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

My brother struggled with his weight until his late teens, he read a lot of books and spent time inside!. I played football and rode my bike EVERYWHERE and it helped me stay thin!. He joined the army and they said he needed to lose weight so he filled his backpack with all his heavy books and started walking around the block, then jogging around the block, then running etc!.
Now hes pretty damn buff and fitter than me by far, also he started getting attention from girls when the weight came off - you wouldnt believe how much of a confidence booster this was for him
good luckWww@Answer-Health@Com

Most overweight people avoid looking at themselves!.They avoid getting up on weighing scales!.They try to wear clothes which hide their body contours!. I am telling from experience!. I realized when my well wishing friends poked me in my tummy to tell me that I am gaining weight!. Nothing like taking off clothes & face yourself in full length mirror to get motivated!. Then, make small resolutions of losing say,2kgs first by avoiding junk food & taking exercises!. Once you lose 2 kgs,you will get motivated to lose more!.You will get a thrill when you start losing weight!. Just make a startWww@Answer-Health@Com

a) get rid of the unhealthy snacks in your house!. That will be your best choice!.!.!.!.and do at least 30 continuous minutes of cardio activity a day

b) think about the results of exercising and cardio!. it is hard to get motivated at first, but once you start seeing results it will motivate you more!.

!.!.!.My motivation is getting compliments on how good I look after I have lost the weight!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

My girlfriend has tried everything to lose weight but nothing has worked nearly as good as the wu yi tea that she drinks, it's been covered on CNN and Fox News!. She worked off 9 pounds in five weeks!. She gets it from a friend at work but I discovered this site in Google; www!.Wu-YiNow!.com - they have a free trial on at the moment, maybe they're worth a try!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

you can read this is good for you


if you really want to lose your weight!.don't worry!.exercise daily with some hard workouts and drink fresh juices!.for more info visit the below website!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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