Does the shape of the boob matter?!

Question: Does the shape of the boob matter?
Okay this one is for all you men out there. Honestly.. Tell me. Does the shape (super flat or super huge) of the boobs matter?? Is it a deal breaker?..... And remeber we are talking shape here... Not size... Let me know.


Asking a guy about what boobs he prefers is like asking what beer he prefers. He may state a preference, but he'll take whatevers on tap.

everybody like different types of boobs not everyone is going to like the same shape , same has body type everyone like a different shape i suggest u stop thinking like this other wise it's going to turn inti a problem for you , ppl who think like u do is a deal breaker

Depends from person to person. You might as well ask does the shape of the nose/lips/eyebrow/*** matter. Different men like different things.

Being a man

Stop thinking about men love the shape of ur boob or not ... Every man loves a shape other than the other ... & sry for my horrible english


The shape does count :).

The ones that perk out, but are natural are the best.

Yeah, it does. But size never does. Big ones scare me 0.0

uhhhh YES.

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