GNC Beyond raw, RE-FORGE. anyone taking it 2?!

Question: GNC Beyond raw, RE-FORGE. anyone taking it 2?
I purchased 2 boxes of reforge. Its been a couple of weeks and I feel great , the vascularity is there when I wake up and sustains though out the day. I also sleep like a baby and feel as though I'm making way more gains at the gym. The only thing I'm worried about is that I read its a test boost, and something to do with human growth hormone. I'm 20 years old and I don't know if I should keep taking this


GNC Reforge isn't bad at all hey I ahve tried it before and I am 21 bro. I found that USP Pink Magic gave me similar but more effective results! Reforge is a natural test booster that is why you have become more vascular and you probably feel that your muscles are a lot more dense and full, its a natural test booster so don't stress about it its perfectly safe. And as for the 'growth hormone' that is just sales talk bro, purely advertising.

Take it easy and don't worry

Increased aggressiveness (anger), more body hair, sweat, and pimples are all typical side effects of increased testosterone. You are still young and you have already increased testosterone levels in your body. Test Boosters usually are used from weightlifters and bodybuilders that they have reached a stand still point in muscle building.

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