How can I learn to do the splits?!

Question: How can I learn to do the splits?
I'm fit and active, not overweight or underweight, I can almost get my foot behind my head (I'm 13, no sex jokes please), how can I learn to do the splits? Without doing anything drastic or embarrassing, or public :P


Every day go down as low as you can until it hurts. But every day slowly go lower. You will be able to do the splits in less than a week! Try not to stretch too far or you could tear a ligament. :)

Best answer please!

i almost have my splits! :} it's taken like a month though!
lots of gymnastic & ballet type stretching every day, and these sites help;

stretching for splits, part 2, from fitforafeast;

and part 3;

good luck. :} xo

Start practising yoga

I can pull my legs all the way over my head standing up and can't do a split too well, takes time to do the splits

you can't son ....... nice try though

I dont think guys can do the splits....................

lots of stretching every day, takes months to do

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