what is the best all in one supplement to take for beginning weight lifting?!

Question: What is the best all in one supplement to take for beginning weight lifting?
i don't need to lose weight let me make that clear ,i don't think i could eat has much food has i'm being told i should . eating 5 times a day is a bit much plus i know i won't be able to keep it up , it's not a cop out or being lazy , even now i can just about eat 3 meals aday and breakfast is not something i can be bothered to eat has i've alwys been like that i'm not really a big eater


First off you may get more outta eating your breakfast to begin with. You gotta think that your body hasn't had anything for the 10+ hours you've been sleeping. No muscle will grow without nutrients and protein. So for a supplement I would recommend a multi vitamin and whey protein. But with you attitude of not making yourself eat you destined to just be wasting your time, and taking the space of someone who wants to be utilizing the equipment your on in the gym. IF you want to get muscles you HAVE to eat. There is no magic supplement that will make you big. Just time and dedication. If you don't have it don't bother.

Just saw the other guys post above. All the supplements do work. Someone hasn't done there homework on how to utilize them properly. I look the way I do cause of most of those supplements.

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supplements don't work. absolutely none of them.

Nitric Oxide/NOXPLODE? doesn't work
Creatine? doesn't work
BCAA? doesn't work
Glutamine? doesn't work

if they did you wouldn't need to ask this question. and if they worked your body would produce them naturally (like creatine and glutamine). You've been building muscle without doing a single rep since the day you were born. Nothing available over the counter is going to speed up the process.

you know what works? there illegal, they might give you pimples and anger, they shorten your life considerably, tax your liver beyond 100x what it can do naturally, and barry bonds might have taken them. but they work.

the supplment that is universal and u can never go wrong with it is....
whey protein and also glutamine powder...
so a protein shake and amino acid drink glutamine
the whole point with protein is because u need 1-2 grams for each pound u weigh... the powder helps u.. as its hard to rely all on food.... and glutamine also helps

the additional supplments that are extra and not always neccesary.. and if u take them u cycle on and off for 6-8 weeks

creatine, nitric oxide

You need protein. you can buy protein powder from herbal shops. You should try to eat more as well or you will lose weight. You should go to google and research the best type of foods to eat for building up muscles.

I'm not sure if I will solve your problem with the info you are telling us. You should try to describe a little more so that we can answer with more confidence. Just a thought! :-D

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