Bikini Body By Summer?!

Question: Bikini Body By Summer?
okay so i weigh 140 and im 5'7" how do i get a bikini body by july? what are some good exercises?


Exercise in reasonable portions, like 30min in the morning and 30min at night. it has really helped me! Also, kiss fast food goodbye! challenge yourself! it's very cleansing, and reward yourself with a cute top or some new music on itunes! (no food rewards!!) Make sure you eat right, but in smaller portions because starving yourself will def not work

exercise tips-
push ups
sit ups
jumping jacks (on a trampoline can be more fun)
pull ups

and so much more!!

goodluck! :)

Insanity or P90x

You'll have to work your a$$ off. Run, jump rope and light weight boxing.

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