Question about steroids...?!

Question: Question about steroids...?
Where is an HONEST website to find real steroids? I don't want to abuse them...I have very low testosterone and don't have insurance to see a doctor and buy all the meds. I'd much rather just buy them online or from someone trust worthy. I know this is illegal...I'm willing to take the risk. Thank you


if you've got low testosterone (not sure how you know if you can't afford a doctor) you can buy legal Novadex XT, it's a testosterone booster along with Test9-Meth (another booster)...I take both of them to increase testosterone levels...

Steroids bring you well above the levels normal people would have even if they were producing normal amounts, just fyi.

Anyway, as you mentioned, they're illegal, so at the risk of getting in trouble, I can't give you the site name directly, but you buy them in Europe and ship them in. The US Customs people only check like 10% of the packages that actually enter the US so it's not likely you'll get them confiscated (my friend had it happen 1x in all of the orders)...if this happens just don't go to customs to claim them, or you'll get fined.

Anyway, look up "order steroids from Europe" if you really think you should use them...the name of the site should be pretty obvious from what i've typed here...

hahaha all of these responses are rediculous.

basically all of your peoples knowledge of steroid use is what the liberal media says. have any of you actually taken steroids? bet not. well listen up i have and i will give you the real deal about it.

Yes you can buy them online. Domestic or international sources. however, i suggest not going through an actual website, but rather through email correpsondence through secure servers. And if you can, stay domestic. does not go through customs and is not scanned.

Your dick does not shrink on steroids. actually for example, when using testosterone, your junk actually will grow. the "shrinking" takes place when you are off and it goes back to normal size. steroids can be effective when used properly, useing the proper support supplements, and proper off cycle techniques.

if you would like email me dude and i can take to you more in depth about steroid use. nobody held my hand when i started, that's why i like to educate.

years of steroid use

don't take steroids
1. once you stop your muscles will turn back into fat
2. it's expensive and you have to keep taking them
3. risk of infection, and many other health issues
4. illegal
5. it does make your dick smaller

you're not going find it online easily, try craiglist if you must


I honestly would go through a doctor. It's not safe - no matter how highly recommended the website is - to take something not coming from a pharmacy.

steroids makes ur dick smaller hahaha

hahah what a tool.

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