I've been having Diarrhea?!

Question: I've been having Diarrhea?
Sorry, I know this is TMI, but I'm curious as to why this all of a sudden.

About 3 or 4 days ago I made a concious effort to start eating healthier and not so much fatty foods and drinks. So I cut out the hamburgers, fries, soda, and alcohol among other things.

For the past few days I've been eating oat cereal, salads with very very little dressing on the side, sometimes with grilled chicken, and last night I had a roast beef sandwich from subway (low calories/fat). All in all, I've pretty much completely cut out the bad food and substituted in good food. But for the past 2 days I've been having minimal tummy pain and diarrhea. Is it because of the sudden shift in diet? What could be going on?


An upgrade in fiber in your diet-- especially with a varied salad full of fiber and nutrient rich vegetables-- can upset the stomach. Your body gets used to digesting simple foods like hamburgers, fries etc.-- more complex (and nutritious) foods can challenge your stomach a little bit, especially as you settle into a new pattern. it sounds like you're on the right track, so here are my suggestions:

1) I think this is normal, but go see a doctor. It could be something potentially dangerous/more involved like IBS. Also, you may want to tell your doc about the diet change anyway.
2) Cut out artificial sweeteners, salt, and caffeine, as these can cause gastric problems.
3) Try bananas-- they're binding fruits that may help tighten your bowels.
4) Water, water, and more water.
5) Anecdotally, ginger root in warm water helps me.

Good luck!

Yes it is probably because of the shift of diet. You are probably putting more fiber in your diet. If you are using artificial sweetener that can also give you some stomach discomfort.

its because you must eat carrots
and peas


have some brown rice it should help


talk to a doctor.

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