why does it seem impossible ?!

Question: Why does it seem impossible ?
the nutritional calculator says i need to
2880 calories
have 286 grams of protein..
252 g of carbs
and 80grams of fat everday.
i'm 14 years old , 5'7
this kinda seems impossible to eat that many calories and consume that much protein, or is this me?
whats some good healthy foods? someone answer my question please, i haven't had my questions answered lately thank you


Make sure you are eating every 2-3 hours. I try to eat three small meals a day with several large snacks in between. The amount of calories seems like a lot but it will add up throughout the day.

You are going to drive yourself crazy if you try to meet those exact quantities every day, and remember that those are only estimates anyway. Just listen to your body and eat healthy foods when your hungry. Get plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, nuts, and good grains.

I like to use whey protein shakes for a snack in between meals or right after I work out, this could be a good options for you if you want to get more protein.

Try to avoid bad carbs like chips, ice cream, and other junk foods.

Matt, first of all, worrying about diet to the extent you are is not normal for a 14 year old. Eat normally, and don't measure everything you eat. It makes no sense to spend so much time calculating what and how much you should eat in a given day. Broccoli is a good health food, so are complex carbs like pasta, dairy is good, any fruit or vegetable is good, apples, oranges, that kind of thing. You're still growing, so you should eat what you like and stop worrying about measuring food.

That can't be right unless you are working out daily. 286 grams of protein is completely wrong. You should have 1g per lb, so unless you weigh 286lbs, that's wayyy too much, your body can only process 30g in one sitting.


I'm at 2200 cals to lose weight, 2700 to maintain.

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