Is pasta healthy for you? ?!

Question: Is pasta healthy for you? ?
Healthy or fattening? I've been hearing a lot of things. since I had it for dinner. I'm worried. I've ran it off on the tredmill?


Whole grain pasta is healthy and a good source of fiber. The problem is portion control. Most people do not know what a healthy portion of pasta is so they eat too much. A serving of pasta is about the size of your fist. This is for cooked pasta. The sauce is important too. Red sauce is better than creamy sauce. And watch the amount of cheese you use. Sorry I just ruined your pasta for you.

Well if you think about it, pasta consists of eggs and flour. So essentially it's like bread before the rest of the process continues to the finished product, isn't bread bad for
weightloss? Unless you went whole grain or multi, then it'll be fattening.

pasta is similar in composition to bread. If you don't overload it with fats and oils, it can be healthy - though high in calories.

Depends what pasta you eat. There's brown pasta which is healthier than white pasta. It has a lot of fibre in it which is healthy for you.

Well like someone else said it depends. Its heavy in carbs so depending on what weight loss philosophy you adhere to it may be a no-no. But if you're counting calories a small portion is not bad.

Pasta alone and too much with cream sauce or meat sauce ARE WHAT'S fattening, specially with meatballs rolled in bread crumbs.

No it contains a lot of carbs so it's pretty fattening.

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