best way to lose love handles?!

Question: Best way to lose love handles?
good exercises to do etc.



Here are some exercise methods to lose them that work! :)

Stand erect upon a flat and hard surface. Keep your feet wide apart. Flex your elbows to place both of the hands behind your ears. Pull your abdominal muscles tightly inwards. Lift your left knee as you bend from the waist to bring your right elbow towards it (depending upon the balance of your body and flexibility you may, or may not be able to touch your knee with your elbow). Keep it there for a few counts and gradually release the knee. Repeat the same procedure using your opposite elbow and knee. Go on doing the exercise until you finish your time or complete all the reps.

The next exercise is a bit tough. Stand again on a flat and hard surface with your feet apart. Keep your hands behind your head. Bend your left knee and lift up and out to the side so that you hip and knees are positioned outward. Gradually twist from the waist and lower your left elbow towards your respective knee (depending upon the balance of your body and flexibility you may, or may not be able to touch your knee with your elbow). Hold your breath for a few counts until the bottom of the movement. Gradually return to the starting position. Continue doing all the reps to the one side and repeat the same number on the opposite side.

Doing these exercises along with eating the right foods is the best way to lose those love handles. You always need to make some time during the day to keep you fit.…

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Try raw food
for 1 week you will be surprised on how you will feel more energy you will also see how much you lost in a month!

Also search for some raw food recipes online
good name to search up on YouTube David wolfe

raw food is mostly fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds,
instead of cow milk try goat milk
and everything must be organic no tap water also
get some spring water in the groceries

Hope this works i wasent walking for 2 years eating raw food and consuming glutamine, unda, and more natrual meds made me feel better,

movie you should watch - food inc

u need to burn it off.... 30-40 mins of cardio 4 times weekly
and ab work....5-10 mins everyother day...

and eat more vegetables and proteins...

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