How much damage did my binge drinking do?!

Question: How much damage did my binge drinking do?
I don't want judgement just the facts. For the past 6 days I've been having a bottle of wine a night due to problems. Only today have I stopped.

I'm 22, slight build and normally drinking is about twice a month half a bottle for me.

How much damage could i have done to my body this week. My stomach hurts, I vomited every night so my mouth hurts. But long term


if it really has been only this week then you should be fine. It may take a few days for your body to recover, but I can't see you've done any permanent damage. You were sick because your body felt poisoned and got rid of it. Actually by the standards of most British youth this is a mere sip - scary, isn't it. Think of the damage they are doing to themselves.

obviously don't make it a habit, and remember that the answer is never at the bottom of the bottle.

good luck.

Long term you are doing damage to your heart and liver, it is bad to drink like that everyday, quite easy to develop a habit you won't want. Alcohol is meant to be enjoyed, once you start depending on it, it is very hard to stop drinking excessive amounts.

Vomitting is your body's way of excising bad stuff from your body, so yes, you should slowly limit your drinking to a glass of wine or two a night.

You're completely injuring your liver.

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