Does White Rice Help Weight Loss?!

Question: Does White Rice Help Weight Loss?
I started eating brown rice for a year, but nothing happened to my body - no glow, no weight loss, nothing! So, these past 2 weeks, I started eating white rice with white chicken and some dairy yogurt. I have this at dinner-time. Does white rice help weight loss, or should I continue back on the brown rice?


White rice has no nutritional value. It is basically brown riced bleached of all of the nutritional elements. If you are eating fried chicken with rice and a standard yogurt you will gain weight. You need to have a well rounded diet of fruit, vegetables. lean meats like baked skinless chicken breasts. Google "nutritianal diets".

Go back to the brown rice. It's healthier for you.

Also - are you exercising...? Rice in general is actually not that great for you, because you need to burn off the carbs. You should eat no more than a serving. (Yeah, don't ask me why Asians are generally so damned small and yet we eat a lot of rice.)

In general NO.....Brown rice is far better in helping you lose weight......
Yogurt.....No good either, even fat free is high in sugary carbs.....>

Team Beachbody Coach

what helps weight loss is eating in a caloric deficit. no specific food will automatically make you lose weight

Rice is really high in calories, but if you must eat it, stick to brown.

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