Will I ever be able to have a flat stomach again?!

Question: Will I ever be able to have a flat stomach again?
I used to have a flat stomach a few years ago when I was really in shape. My weight kept growing until I was 210lbs, and most of my weight is carried in my stomach and thighs. I'm down to 185, and still working on it, but I'm worried that since I gained weight so quickly my skin has stretched too far. I'm not trying to crash diet or lose it too quickly because I know that would leave the skin loose. If I get back to 160lbs do you think I will have a lot of extra skin? I'm only 20 if that makes a difference, so I hope that my skin is a little more elastic than that of older women.
Thanks for your help!


if you were 'slim' for a good, fairly long, period of your life then the fat should come off relatively fast on any good, well planned, nutritional program (typically 6 months+).

Hi norah
The secret to a flat stomach is a very low body fat, have you ever try doing a body cleanse? that relly helped me

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Yes, but you have to stop eating ice cream and french fries and you must go for a walk on a treadmill, inside a house or mall or outside, every day for atleast a half hour per day.

If you exercise as well as change your diet, your skin will shrink back down as well. Yes, it is very possible to have a flat stomach again.

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