What can I do non carb diets?!

Question: What can I do non carb diets?
I want to know how to lose weight fast. So if you have any ideas tell me thanks


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Try eating no carbs other then veggies and fruit unless you exercise. After you exercise you can have a serving size of whole grain bread or some brown rice, but only complex carbohydrates.
Eat something like this-
Breakfast-2 hardboiled eggs with only half a yolk and some spinach or other type of veggies.
Lunch-Large salad and 1/2 can tuna(low sodium, in water) And go light on the dressing, make your own with olive oil, lemon and balsamic and a pinch of sea salt and pepper. Add a little honey if you want some sweetness.
Snack-14 raw almonds with and apple or some other type of fruit
Dinner-Steamed veggies and boiled salmon or chicken(you can splurge every once in awhile and grill your meat)
Then if you get hungry after your dinner just snack on raw veggies.

Drink green tea for breakfast not coffee. Drink lots of fresh water during the day. And get exercise! At least every other day. That way you can earn a slice of bread or some whole wheat pasta! :)

I would go with low carb rather than non carb. Have you checked put designer whey for high protein low carb? I suggest you still get some carbs from vegetables. Also sugar busters has a great book on this.

you drink tea wiht kapeli only little but not too little you wnat enough to smell good and you loose a lot of wehigh ok

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