How can I get a flat stomach and toned thighs?!

Question: How can I get a flat stomach and toned thighs?
Although I eat super healthy (no junk food and no carbs because I might have celiac disease), and drink at least 72 oz of water a day, and jog until I can't anymore, I am still flabby in the stomach and thighs. What kind of exercise should I do, how often, and how long will it take to get a flat stomach and toned thighs?


Well one thing that is a problem right off is the cardio you do. Jogging causes catabalism (which is verrry bad for your health). Sprinting is not only quicker and boost your metabolism but keeps it their for at least 24 hours! So you burn a lot more among many other things like how jogging can deteriorate your joints over time sprinting will help them get stronger so you win all the way around! If your really wanting more info I would suggest getting one of the first two programs on my site (and yes their for women to). The last one(s) you can use, but I wouldn't recommend it for you in specific. Hope this helps. :)

I strongly recommend P90X you can get it from

check your BMI first,

then reduce your calorie intake

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