I need to lose some weight?!

Question: I need to lose some weight?
Will someone tell me the best way to lose 10 or 15 pounds


you should cut out your intake of carbs and don't consume soft drinks and start walking 45 minutes every day

If you want to, you can lose this weight in two months. Start by eating 1300 calories a day. No candy or junk food what-so-ever. No exceptions. Also, drink only water, no sodas or fruit juices or anything like that. Also, go to your local YMCA for one hour every day and use the grey machines with orange stripes. Sorry, I'm not sure of the name. Set the resistance high and go non-stop for the hour. It is low impact so you don't have to worry about injury and it burns calories quickly. You could burn the 1300 calories or more if you really push yourself. Good Luck.

don't eat alot,it's that simple

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