I want to build more muscle?!

Question: I want to build more muscle?
Does anyone know the quickest way to build more muscle without drugs?


Hi. Try doing heavier weights, fewer repititions, don't stop until you achieve muscle failure and consume plenty of protein.

Hey Gillian, unfortunately women cant build muscle as fast as men due to our very low levels of testosterone. If you want to build muscle get working those weights, bulk up on protein in your diet and take post work out whey protein shake. Cut all the crap and sugar out of your diet and eat every few hours. Check out www.bodybuilding.com for some great workout programmes.

Get in that weight room and lift.

If you take steroids, you don't just sit there and grow muscle.

Even Steroids don't grow muscle, You still have to work if you take steroids.

There is no quick and easy way.


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