How long would it take to starve myself down to 160 lbs?!

Question: How long would it take to starve myself down to 160 lbs?
I am currently 6'3", about 240 lbs, and I totally hate it. I don't care if "some guys wish they were bigger" nor that "lots of girls love big guys." I will not date a girl who loves that I'm big, much less that I'm bald, something I can't fix.

I know that I will never be attractive, and so I quit dating several years ago. No big loss since I never attracted anyone I wanted to be with longer than a week. I just want to avoid being seen as BIG.

I bike 7 miles each way to school...if I were to eat 1000-1500 calories a day, plus do an hour of running on a treadmill each day in addition to the paltry bike ride, how long would it take me to lose 80 lbs?


You'll probably hit it in summer assuming you will be eating healthy. Realistically - if you were to loose 5 lbs per week that's about 4 months.

Loosing 5 lbs per week may be a stretch, and it depends how active you were when you were/are big. If the treadmill running is new (i.e., you did NOT do it before), then you'll see more weight loss in the first few weeks, then less in future weeks (when you are more in shape).

Side note - lift weights. Muscle burns fat. More muscle = more fat burned. Biking is a great way to build muscle, but don't forget about the weights.

Good luck!

you'll probably die or irreparably damage yourself before you starve 80 pounds off your body. Just eat healthy and work out. Once you hit 215 you'll be pretty happy. 190 - 200 and you'll decide you look perfect. Personally 160 on you would be too thin.

Do not starve man, thats not good for ur body

thats not the way

make some diets or go to the gym and talk to a nutricionist!

Personal expierience

Dude learn some patience, and get some confidence. If you starve yourself down to your goal weight you WILL gain it all back. Mark my words.

do not eat less than 1800-2000 cals a day. you,re big. the weight will come off.

Try P90x. You will lose a ton of weight I did.

AT that rate....6 months max, That losing 3.5 pounds a week.

it would probably take about 4 months.

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