Am I a healthy weight?!

Question: Am I a healthy weight?
Im a girl, 5 feet 5 inched tall and 130 to 132 pounds (it fluctuates). I honestly do not look like I weigh that much. I can wear a bikini and look good and I normally don't feel fat or anything. I exercise and eat healthy. So what do you think??


No that's fine. Katy Perry is 5'6" and 130-145.

For your height I think it's just about right. It's always good to have a bit of fat on you.

You might want to have a look at this chart:

Don't worry, its great that you feel comfortable. I believe your at a good weight! Show off that bikini body.
I used to weigh 113 back in 3rd grade..I was a chubby kid lol :) Im now 16 and weigh 160. 5'10

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