1,300 cal diet, how long til I lose the weight?!

Question: 1,300 cal diet, how long til I lose the weight?
i need to lose 10 lbs. so 1300 cal diet for weightloss?
i swim 30-60min a day.

this is a good food day for me:
bfast: bowl of raisin brand & skim milk
snack: apple
lunch: crackers with turkey, cheese and ham
snack: carrots
dinner: pbj on whole wheat bread and a banana

it all basically adds up to 1300
is this good?


You should be aiming to lose 1-2 lbs a week for healthy weight loss. Any faster than this and you risk losing muscle as well as fat.

1300 calories may not be a realistic diet for the long term, especially with that level of exercise. You may find that you get hungry and this is the body's way of asking for more energy. Low calorie diets do let you lose weight but be careful of rapid weight gain when raising the calories to a normal level again.

Jenifer Nicole Lee gives great advice on turning the body into a 'fat burining furnace' without starving

Most definately a good diet. Swimming for 30 mins buns about 250 cals. Plus all that light eating will greatly boost metabolism. You must burn 3500 calories more than you eat to lose weight, at the rate you are, maybe a pound a week, which is great as well as healthy.

If you keep your routine up, you will lose the weight very soon. Swimming also benefits you greatly.

Cuz Pro

probably about 2 weeks.

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