P90x grad looking for a new workout plan using the DVD's.?!

Question: P90x grad looking for a new workout plan using the DVD's.?
I have completed P90x and am very satisfied with the results however, I would like to continue working out using the DVD's but am looking for a more muscle building focus. Does anyone have a recommendation for an order of use with the DVD's to focus on this area or should i just do the program again? Or have a recommendation of another at home program that has this focus and is proven affective.


Hi Lane,
My name is Eric.
Do another round but with higher caloric intake as well as heavier weights. It will help you build mass rather than the leanness that P90X usually does.
- lots of calories - pre workout supplement, there are a few out there - (heavier weights and less reps) - Hope this works. Let me know if you have more questions.

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here's a good site for Mass on P90X.

hi beachbody is where they sell p90x and I'm a beachbody coach i can help you reach your fitness goal
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I also did p90x, loved the results, and I wanted more just like you. I am currently doing the gsp rushfit workouts, George St Peirre, the mma fighter created the DVDs, and they are alot of the workouts that he does to train and prepare for his fights. So far I love it, it's a great workout routine and I recommend it to anyone!


Try insanity or the advanced p90x program

P90x is more for toning muscles search online do other DVDs you might find something free

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