can you lose weight without exercising?!

Question: Can you lose weight without exercising?
just a thought


Actually you can, if you cut down on the amount of high-calorie foods like burgers, fries, or anything fast food you'll be losing weight if the amount of calories you use a day is higher than the amount you consume(your body's going to start using fat reserves.) Exercise just speedens things ALOT. Usually running or jogging is used to target the entire body.

thats just like asking if you can toast bread without a toaster. HAHA. you can cut down on cal. but who knows how long it would take for you to loose the weight

Yes eat 3500 calories less per week than you need for the weight you want to be for each desired pound of weight loss per week.

By cutting down calorie intake and eating properly

Yes, by eating healthy. All it took for me was to turn vegetarian and I lost like 10lbs

Yes, but you wont get any muscle, just thinner


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