Best diet tips for a 13 years old girl in 3 months?!

Question: Best diet tips for a 13 years old girl in 3 months?
I want to lose 25kg .. I weight like 65kg.. I have big hips, it's size is 40inch :I .. my friends and parents wants me to lose some weight ..errr.. HELP ME PLEASE..


Add more fruits instead of junk food, The water in them will fill you up more, Try and join a gym or youth program at a local ymca. If you don't feel like you need to lose weight then don't, But don't do it for family,friends,boys ect. It will only cause you self esteem issues down the road because your self worth will be determined on what others think and not yourself. Find it within your self. You are beautiful and don't let anyone tell you different just because you don't weight what they want you to. Your 13 your body is going to gain weight a little easier because you need extra fat right now because your reproductive system is trying to develop,among other things. Trust me once you hit high school if you eat healthy and exercise you will see a big change in your body, Its a phase that everyone goes through, your family is nuts for telling you otherwise! Good luck hunny.

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since you are 13 years of age, your body is going to go through puberty so you should not try to diet at this young age. THis is the most important time for your body and you should feed it nutritious foods. Just continue to eat what you usually eat but cut the junk food and fast food.
SO don't diet, but increase exercise. You can exercise but don't limit the foods you eat because your body needs the calories to build strong bones, muscles, and just for puberty. Also, it you diet, you mess up your body and your metabolism so just increase exercise.
walk around the neighbourhood/mall/ with your friends, or just go walking more. walk to school ,etc
also, do sports with your frineds, etc.
jumping jacks, pushups, and situps help as well!

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Depending on how tall you are you are probably healthy so you don't need to lose weight. If you are going to lose weight do it for yourself and not for other people. You are also young and shouldn't be thinking about these kinds of things, especially since you probably don't have a health problem.

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Try eating a balance diet 3 meals a day and don't snake on anything. Exercise at home or outdoors at least a few hours per day.

have her sip fresh milk every morning

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