Okay, why didn't I lose weight?!

Question: Okay, why didn't I lose weight?
Last week I weighed myself in at 168. This week I've been on a 1200 calorie diet (besides two days where I ate 1400) and been working out every morning for an hour and even added weight lifting. So this morning I get on the scale and it says I didn't lose any weight! (Gained .6...). What is going on?


give it time

hello, I've been having this bad eating situation for so many years that it seemed hopeless. I used to be a diet product nuts. Until a friend suggested this method, I had my doubts at first but I felt there was nothing to lose. I saw a little result after the 1st week, but I was starting to love it. After that first drop of weight, which was such a confident booster, I worked on developing good diet to maintain my result. I couldn't be more happier. This is where I found the information: http://ultraloseweightfocus.tk

Eat smaller portions 5 to 6 times a day.
Eat only once or twice, then your body would try to store fat for the hunger season.

If that doesn't help, consult a certified nutritionist. Believe me, I really lost weight after following her prescription. I wasn't really aiming for weight loss at that time though.

Some people don't lose weight straight away. It also depends what those 1200 calories are of? It could be pure fat! Also think if you are weight lifting then you're muscle mass might well increase, probably not so quickly though.

muscle weighs more then fat you should go by how your clothes fit you

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