I'm 13, how to be skinny?!

Question: I'm 13, how to be skinny?
I'm ABSOLUTELY ADDICTED to carbohydrates and I don't do sports so I'm getting kinda chubby. How can I get a defined waist and slim legs (esp. inner thighs)? What kinds of foods should I eat or avoid, and what are some easy home exercises? I have a treadmill.



SWIMMING! i am 13 too and i have a pool and swim everyday in the summer. water is way more resistant than air. you use almost every muscle when you swim so you do less, and burn more. i suggest swimming it will help a lot!

Lol. Stop eating all that cereal every morning. Maybe you should walk to school instead of getting rides with your friends.

order P90X, lots of workouts without having to have weight sets or anything like that.

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