Did I eat too much??I feel awful! **5 STARS FOR BEST ANSWER**?!

Question: Did I eat too much??I feel awful! **5 STARS FOR BEST ANSWER**?
Today was my first day of keeping a calorie journal to help me lose weight. I am a 112 lbs, 5'3, 16 year old girl. I found online that for my weight I should be eating 1,330 calories and 37g of fat a day because that is how much I burn naturally. However I overindulged a bit. I started out pretty well, eating the equivalent of about 1,055 calories in my breakfast, lunch and a snack altogether and that was about 35g of fat. However, towards the evening I got a bit sad because I only had about 275 calories left and 2g of fat for my dinner. On top of this, my period is due in less than a week and I've had crazy chocolate cravings. So I helped myself to 2/3 of a dark chocolate bar (378 calories worth). Of course, now I regret it so much as I have had a total of 1,433 calories and 67g of fat! I feel terrible! But I'm not sure if I'm being a bit hard on myself given that I am a GROWING, teenage girl who's period is due relatively soon? Or am I just making excuses because 67g of fat seems a terrible lot, an extra 30g to what I was supposed to have! I really want to lose weight and I thought I was doing so well ='(!! It'll be artichoke leaves for dinner tonight! =/

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Theres a simple solution to your problem. Start exercising :) You'll burn calories which you eat and get really fit and thin. Honestly if you ask me..you shouldnt be counting your calories. Its not a healthy habit and it leads to anorexia. Eat healthy foods..and eat till you are satisfied. Make sure you dont overeat. I workout everyday and I eat a lot of healthy food and I eat till my tummy says " I'm happy " :) because for working out you're gonna need that energy which only comes from food. As for the junk food..you might wanna keep that down cause it'll just make you fat if you eat it everyday. Have junk food once in a while. I only eat junk food on the weekends. Do a lot of cardio (jogging, cycling etc.) Jogging is the best! and also do strength trainin like push ups, sit ups, and pull ups. Because once your muscles grow your metabolism will increase which means you will not gain fat very easily cause your body will immediately burn it off :) hope that helped.
I workout 6 days a week and feel awesome!

If you really want to stay in shape and keep a log of your intake. GO to myfitpal.com. You can record your exercise and food intake. When you set up your goals it will tell you how much you need for your age and height. :O)
Good luck! :O)

I use the website

First of all....why in the world are you trying to lose weight? You don't need to so stop with the journal and beating yourself up. You are the perfect weight for your height and age.

Not a big deal, you're reading too much into it. You are average weight anyway you don't need to lose weight.

Seriously, you don't need to loose weight.

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1,330 calories a day is almost nothing, the bare minimum that should ever be eaten on a diet is around 1,200. So by looking at your age, height and weight I would say you should be eating more than that. The average woman should eat about 2,000 calories a day and 60 grams of fat, so you should be somewhere around there. Don't worry, indulging in a few cravings won't hurt you! :)

Calm down. Your weight is healthy, and even if you gain weight, it will still be in the healthy range. Don't worry so much about calories. Just try and make sure that the things you do eat contribute positively to your health. One day of overindulging won't make any difference, and, as I said before, even if it did make a difference, you'd still be healthy.

Eat what makes you happy. You only get to live once, so why waste it on worrying that you consumed 100 more calories than you apparently should have in one day?

You are being too hard on yourself! According to the childs growth chart you are actually underweight for your age! What you looked at is probably for adults and different rules apply since they are no longer growing. You are still in puberty.

Just try to eat a varied healthy diet of plenty of fruits and veggies, lean meats low fats and low sweets and you will be fine. Also plenty of water ,a multivitamin and daily excercise (walking is best) will help.

Best wishes!

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