When well my metabolism go back to normal?!

Question: When well my metabolism go back to normal?
Hi im 14 and recovering from anorexia for now 4 days. ive been eating ALOT and i feel really really fat!!! :(((( i hear my metabolism well adapt soon but when?? will i lose weight? am i going to get fat?? what is happening??? Please help!!


OMG, calm down. I am in the SAME situation as you! I just turned 15 and recovered from an eating disorder. You are NOT fat I am sure of that! Neither am I! As long as you continue eating a LOTTT during each day, your metabolism will realize that you are back to normal, and speed up. I found that icecream is the best thing in the entire world when you're in this situation!:):) We are young, and from a long experience, I found that we should live life to the fullest, and not worry about the little things. Just keep pushing through and eating a lot, and I am sure you will be GREAT!

it can take a few years before you get back to normal.

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