I ate too much chocolate?!

Question: I ate too much chocolate?
Today I pretty exercised my *** of but then I also had lots of chocolate...I had like 10 mini kitkat bars along with plenty of water..after that I did some card..will that affect me? And is it okay if I treat myself to treats a day and still exercise will I be fine? I'm 16 5"4 and about 100 pounds....lol abdni did use the bathroom a lot today. ....also after eating does doing cardio help burn the fat/calories I ate?


Wow, well you are really skinny so you don't need to worry that much.... but yah any excersise burns calories. Kitkats aren't super healthy but a treat doesn't hurt on occaision, and is actually good for you once in a while. What I mean by good for you is it helps you stay on track with healthy eating, I know that sounds weird, but it's fairly common that women who tell themselves that they can never have a treat often end up feeling deprived which leads to them later on accidentally breaking down and binging. Where as if you let yourself have a small treat you feel satisfied, are not likely to binge, it is fairly easy to burn the calories off, and stay on track with a healthy diet. Also you can find lower calorie treats to satisfy you sweet tooth, such as sugar free jello, which only has 10calories per serving, but tastes just like regular! But cardio, or any excersise will burn calories, so don't worry. I beleive that weight lifting burns the most calories, especailly when working muscles that you aren't use to using as much, but walking is great too for fat burning, either way your likely to burn the calories off so it's up to you, just choose whatever excersise you like the most. If you want you can also help give your metabolism a boost too just by drinking green tea, it has zero calories, tastes yummy (if you like tea), and revs your metabolism up for extra calorie burning!! I love it. Soo don't worry you won't gain weight unless you like eat a whole thing of ice cream and don't work out at all, but mini kitkats along with excersise, na your good. Good luck! :D

I don't think anyone needs 10 mini kit kat bars. I'm sure one or two would have been sufficient... But as long as you don't eat that many every day, and you're still exercising, and going to the washroom, you should be fine. Don't worry about indulging yourself with some treats every once in a while. 100lbs at that height is a very fine weight. I'm only 5"2 and 80lbs and considered too skinny. And yes, cardio does a great job at burning calories. Not that you're in any big need to burn them off, as long as this isn't an every day thing, you're fine.

You're fine, as long as you exercise, you just burnedd off that chocolate. You can also eat fat-free chocolate, and it taste the same, go for it!

that is 600 calories
go for a nice long walk
drink ice water
dont eat just for a few days
eat nice and healthy dinnner
lots of sleep you will be fine

Don't sweat it! One day of bad eating, even terrible eating, can not mess you up. just remember moderation is key.

!!NOW you become fat

you're fine!

no ur fine dont worry

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