cutting back, still not losing?!

Question: Cutting back, still not losing?
About a month ago, I completely cut out diet sodas, except for when I eat out. I keep salads stocked in my fridge with raw veggies to go with it, and only sprinkle just a bit of dressing on them, and they don't have any cheese, croutons...etc. in them. I eat high-fiber content cereal in the mornings w/ 2% milk, and I cut out chips and late night snacking. If I "do" eat a snack before bed, it's fat-free popcorn, or fat free pudding. I drink mostly flavored water. I don't understand why when I weighed myself, I only lost 1 pound?! This is in a week...I feel like I've worked so hard that I should've lost at least 2-4 lbs my first week?? I need advice or tips from people who know more about it than me. Thanks!


Congrats on this past week.. 1 lb lost is better than none.. Stay positive and begin adding some cardio into your regimen.. You have to burn more calories than u take in.. I bet if you go for a 20-30 mins walk each afternoon you will be around 3-4 lb per wk loss.. Good luck and stay positive

hi there, I was having this diet problem for so many years. I used to buy all types of products. Until I stumpled upon this website, I was skeptical at first. there was a bit of improvement for the first week, but I was feeling good about myself. After losing that initial weight, which was such a confident booster, I started eating right to keep off the weight completely. I feel great!. Here's the life changing website:

you probably dont even need to loose weight, thats why your body is refusing because u dont even need it.

its because your body is adapting-its a very slow process and a pound is actually pretty amazing. i suggest taking a hour walk everyday-if not that, then a few small exercises at home. eat special k for breakfast? dont eat almonds they make you gain weight-so does banana and milk. have rice milk instead-with the added calcium so you dont loose calcium intake. i also suggest for your snacking that you DO snack but eat rye snaps or 'ryevita'-its really good. use low fat butter on it-or non dairy butter-tastes the same! good luck xx

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...well, are you even exercising? You need to be burning more than what you put in...

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