How do I get a flat stomach?!

Question: How do I get a flat stomach?
I'm also 8 months pregnant.


Hello troll, are you enjoying being fed???

Dont focus on losing weight while your preginant. but you need to know that mostpregnantnt people eat tons of junk cause they thing there"feeding 2 people" which, they are but you dont need to double your calorie intake. you need to eat more while your pregnat but not tons more! keep your calories moderate(:

Well you obviously need to wait until you have your baby first, then after a few months; workout a diet and exercise routine.

Wait until you give birth, your belly will go down by itself. If not, take advantage and eat healthy things EVERYDAY for ALL HOURS OF THE DAY.

Wait and see how the birth goes, then ask your health visitor or midwife.

eat healthy and lot of fruits

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